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Posted by Tina09 [Some Experience], aged 23

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Has been together with partner for 4 Years, 10 Months
Is 90% happy with their partner
Is 70% attracted to their partner
Is 50% sure the outlook is bright

I have been with my man for almost 5 years now and he still has never once brought up marriage. I personally want to have kids and a nice family, but not when I am 50 years old with a kid in kindergarden. I really love him and I want to wait for him, but I do not want to be too old when my kids graduate you know?

I bring it up every now and then and he just tells me that we will talk about it when the time is right, when the hell is that?

Any advice would be great, I know some one out there has to share my pain.

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We have the same problem. Maybe we should date. j/k... unless you want to. then im not j/k-ing

"Morality is like art, you have to draw a line at some point"

Posted by gryffinswing [Advice Expert] on May 6, 2009, 4:00 pm

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