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Posted by jackofalltrades [Some Experience], aged 21

Relationship Stats:
Rates persons attractiveness as 10/10
Is 90% happy being single
Rates their need for a relationship as 5/10
Rates their care for this person as 4/10

this is not the usual type of girl that I date so im thinking maybe the one night stand we had is all i want from this girl. she is a freak, seriously. she looks good as hell in the club but she seems very high maintence which i cant really put up with since i work at McDonalds, plus she thinks im the head of a huge marketing firm which got me in her house and her pants. tell me what you think guys

This story has 2 comments. 3 say date. 8 say do.

Do it.  

"We cannot avoid using power, cannot escape the compulsion to afflict the world so let us, cautious in diction and mighty in contradiction, love powerfully." 
- Martin Buber

Posted by thickmilk [Been here too long] on February 6, 2011, 1:32 am

Oh come on, sooner or later she's gonna find out what you're really about. You don't really seem to care about her a lot, so get out while you can. 

Posted by Isa [Some Experience] on April 29, 2010, 4:53 am

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