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Posted by Homey [Some Experience], aged 34

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Is 60% happy being single
Rates their need for a relationship as 9/10
Rates their care for this person as 10/10

I recently met a girl on a party. the week after the party she found my personal "hyves" page and contacted me. after that one thing led to another and we had a date. One week ago she told me on msn, where we spoke with eachother almost everyday, she was bored. So I invited her to my house. She came over and we had a good time, watched a movie and just chilled on the couch. When she went home she sended me a message that she had a great time with lots of love and kisses. But then all of a sudden things changed in my opinion and I had the idea she was a bit of like avoiding me or something. I don't know. But things didn't feel the same. But we had made an appointment for the next sunday (which was yesterday) at my house again. So yesterday she came, and it was a bit of the same, watching a movie and talk a little. I tried to make her feel comfortable and had made a nice spot for on my couch with pillows and stuff, bought her favorite candy and all that. After that she went home and she sended me a message that she got home. So I replied that I was glad to hear she was safe at home and that I was glad she came this evening, I wished her good night. She replied like this: "haha yes it was fun, good night!" Now before she would always close any message with a hug or a kiss. But suddenly she stopped doing that. I know it doesn't have to be a big deal. But to me it's like a subtile signal. I couldn't take it anymore. So I replied;"ok, im gonna say it like it is, I really, really like you ;s..." After I didn't get a reply for like a day. after that she replied that she was sorry that she didn't answer my message earlier because she had a bit of a hectic day. I really like being around you...sleep well. I replied that it was ok and that I was sorry if I made her discomfited. Because that was not my intention and I apologized to her. She replied that I didn't do that but that she didn't knew what to send to me and that she also had issues with her parents and a new house. She said she was still trying to figure how she felt about everything. I said I could understand that, and that she had a lot on her mind. She said to me that I had to know it was no sorry excuse or whatsoever. I told her that I didn't thought that that was the case and that she should take her time to figure things out. I also told her that if she needed to talk or something she could always come to me. Again she excused herself for not having replied earlier. I said to her (with a wink) that her apologies were accepted because otherwise she would continue to unnecessary apologies. Then we said goodbye to eachother. Later that night, when I was still at work, she sended me a message that she had been to her new house to see it and that there was some work to be done but that she took it. I replied that that was good news and I congratulated her with her new home and that if she ever needed help she would know where to find me. She told me she would keep in that mind. When I got home she started to talk to me on msn. We chatted about her new house and stuff. It felt good, just like it was in the beginning, but still I feel like walking on very thin ice. I guess time will tell and just have to keep my cool. What do you think? Do or Done?

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