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Posted by Isa [Some Experience], aged 20

Relationship Stats:
Rates persons attractiveness as 8/10
Is 50% happy being single
Rates their need for a relationship as 8/10
Rates their care for this person as 7/10


I've had a friend for a while, and I felt I wanted to be more than friends. So it took al my courage, but I asked him out. His first reaction was: 'I really don't want a girlfriend right now'. Then I said that I didn't ask for anything serious, just to have a good time. After that he said, 'ok, if it's a good movie'. 

I don't think that waiting for his next move will get my anywhere, but should I just give up or should I keep pushing it? I don't want to embarras myself or drive myself crazy over something that's never gonna happen...

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